About Jeannette

Jeannette's aunts used to get a kick out of feeding her pickles. Unlike most babies, Jeannette didn't scrunch up her face and spit out the sour morsels. Jeannette loved pickles and ate them with glee.

Years later, there are several things Jeannette likes more than pickles. She likes cats, cat videos, cat naps, the smell of antique furniture, planning trips, the warm hug that is the library, amazing science facts, Arrested Development, journals with all the correct specifications, the song Be My Angel by Mazzy Star, and the picture below.

Sigh. May 2, 2011. The infamous midnight hair chop. 
Jeannette's hair hasn't looked that good since. 

Jeannette still gets an urgent craving for pickles every now and again.

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