Thursday, December 22, 2011

In the studio with the dudes.

So the dudes are putting together an acoustic album. Gah. They are so talented. They started recording while Garrett and I stayed with them in Palo Alto. I know we all wonder what, exactly, goes into that magic potion that turns ideas into recorded music. In this case, it's a work-space-turned-antique-storage-space-turned-sleeping-space/recording-studio-combo. It is the smell of California--a smell I can't exactly explain but it has something to do with this particular brand of sunshine in the suburbs. Soft breeze, tall trees.

The magic of recoding is Jon cursing under his breath and not so under his breath, Garrett happy as I have ever seen him behind that mic, Ryan making jokes, and me playing the role of obnoxious little sister.

On the note of me playing annoying little sister, I recorded some of the magic. Magic I shall share with you now. Garrett is singing Jon's song "Muddy Water" (I think that's what it's called?):

The best part, I think, is 2:09 when Garrett realizes I'm recording. 
Also, you might have to turn the volume way up. I didn't spend much time fixing the audio. 

If the dudes happen to read this post--which I don't think they will, since it's just me, Erin, SarahJo, and Amanda gettin' bloggy up in hurr. Holla, ladies!--anyway, if the do happen upon this post for any reason, I hope they don't get too angry at me for compiling some of the vids I took. It would be a shame that such a fine troupe of men to get angry at me for showing the 3 people who read my blog how studly they are. 

So, after getting asked to leave multiple times, I kinda just kicked it in the house. 

Don't worry, I got pictures first. Amy took some pictures too. They were much more receptive to her. Either way, enjoy. 

Hark! A picture of me! I'm pretty sure Garrett took this shot. 
What you don't see under that jacket of mine is a giant grin, 
knowing what mischief I've been making. 

So great. 

What a handsome little treat for the eyes, yes? 

Getting serious. 

Aww Jon. 
I just want to pinch all these dudes' cheekies. 

Figuring out the words. 

Realizing that I'm taking pictures. 

"Are you taking a picture?"
"You'll thank me later." 
"Does Jeannette have to be here for this?"

That's my hand, ya'll. 

View from outside the door. 

Just playin'. I really didn't care too much. They were trying to get work done. T'was no vacation for these hardworking fellows. And I actually really enjoyed having my headspace. And playing with Lincoln. And watching an episode or two of Gossip Girl. So there's that. 

The end. 


  1. at first I was a wee bit pissed about the existence of that video you made. but it's actually a pretty good video. you should post it on the deep love facebook

  2. Bahahah I loved that vidya. Especially that part of Ray Jay dancing. Gave me the giggles. It's okay one time I told the whole interweb (including gare bear) that Emily Hess said "Garrett Sherwood's voice is pure sex" on our joint blog. Nothing can be worse than that. Unforgivable, especially because she won't know for another 8 months.

  3. @Garrett I KNEW YOU'D THANK ME LATER! ha. Uh, won't Ryan and Jon be mad though? The video had to be made, simply had to, but I'm certainly not letting those guys know I made it.

    @Amanda It's okay. We all do unforgivable things sometimes...or, in the words of Hanson, "isn't it strange how we all get a little bit weird sometimes?"

  4. Oh Hanson, don't they have the best wisdom? You know they still tour. A band I thoroughly enjoy opened for them a few years back on their nation wide tour. Who knew.