Thursday, December 22, 2011

November 16th: Tacoma

Adam took us on a very fun little trip into Tacoma for the day. It was a pretty gorgeous grey day. Very Washington. Adam is a great host. Thanks, Adam! 

Glass Museum.

So pretty, amazing, and breakable. 

Art appreciation. 

Art lust. 
This is the seed that will blossom into a desire to become 
a glassblower. I thought Garrett was kinda joking, but I think he's seriously 
going to learn how to blow glass. Which would be cool.


Black and white. 

Uh, how did my camera get on this weird setting? 

Fall into fall. 

Tacoma = beautiful old buildings

Love this. 

Glass, glass, everywhere. 




Totem Pole? 

Old faded writing on old faded buildings. 
New love for ghosts of simpler times. 

We drove around and found a Chinese Reconciliation Garden. 
We reconciled.

Reconciling with the ships. 

Reconciling with the ocean. 

Reconciling with the tootsie-roll pop. 

That night we hit up an open mic in Tacoma. Totally wasn't worth it, because it was kinda lame. 
And by kinda lame, I mean the worst open mic I've been to since BYU-I nightmares. On the upside, I took pictures. 

Garrett the Good Listener. 

Adam the Hipster-Lumberjack-Model

Jeannette the Cutsie-Wootsie-Pants

Garrett in his natural habitat.  


Adam loves on/tortures his fluffy yippy puppie doggies. 

The next day, apparently (Didn't mean to upload these photos but it takes more work to delete them than just write about them): 

Walking to get Mom's Teriyaki. Adam's favorite. 
Notice that I am walking behind the dudes for the 1,000th time. 
Separate but equal, ya'll. 


I love Janice Joplin. She is so freaking cool. 

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